Hotel API Inegration

Hotels are an important part of tourism industry and no web portal is complete without ‘Hotel Booking API Integration’. At ‘API Technology’ we have been specialized in building strong hotel reservation system that’s consumer central and focused on searching hotels. So, your web portal gets the best hotel API integration, which search lowest tariffs and packages. Our hotels booking engine supports ‘B2B, B2C, and B2B2C’ for travel companies.

Few Features of ‘Hotel Booking API Services in India’:

  • Agent Controlling and Agent Sun Admin Panel
  • Backend Profiles Management
  • Accounting Systems
  • Currency Control Access
  • Miscellaneous Features
  • Our hotel booking engine is decked with network of hotel suppliers from across the world. Let’s check the online booking engine for hotels main technical features.

  • Desiya Integration
  • Hotelbeds Integration
  • TBO Integration
  • Arzoo Integration
  • Cleartrip Integration
  • Rezlive Integration
  • Online booking engine for hotels by ‘API Technology’ is integrated with world’s most advanced XML integration program interface.

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