B2B2B White Label Travel Portal

“White label travel portal” build by company’s like “API Technology” is a technical online service, which gives you or your clients power to “book instant air tickets (both domestic & international), book accommodation, book bus, book car, and other travel specifications”; in advance.

You can purchase the white label solution from the parent company, and rebrand it in your name; for further business transactions.

We Provide B2B2B white label travel portal, which will help you to enhance your product marketing, expand your ticket inventory, focus on sharing discounts from hospitality brands, increase your business sales, easy lead conversion, and management of complete travel processes.

Features of B2B2B White Label Travel Portal: which is organized, simple, and easy to use dashboard. It gives you a detail overview and other aspects of “online sales, online users, payment history, pending payments, payment details, and new clients or list of clients”.

  • Instant ‘Booking Engine for Flight, Hotel, Car, Bus & Holidays etc…
  • Adding New Agency or Partners
  • Easy to maintain the Details of Partners
  • Easy to manage the commission / Discounts
  • Single wallet for all the products
  • Addition of Debits / Credits to Accounts
  • Suspension / Deactivation / Activation of Customers
  • Sales Overview / Details / History
  • Detail Report of Transactions (both credit & debit)
  • Payment Gateway facility
  • Control Panel Access
  • Print option for ‘documents with agents branded logo and address’ available
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    Miscellaneous Features:

  • Branding tools available
  • Power to customize your site
  • Upload your logo, brand name, address, and other details
  • Edit or Update Contents
  • Edit or Update Menu
  • Manage Recharges & Utility Bills section
  • Site Settings option
  • Marketing Tool Available
  • 24 / 7 Client Support & Technical Support Center
  • 1.     Easy Branding: API Technology provides white label travel portal services, which are easy to brand, promote, and manage. One can also add a new feature to their travel brand.

    2.     Happy Clients: Your clients will find it easy to “book tickets, hotels, car and other travel requirements”. They will get it processed instant, make payments done online, and get the confirmation. These entire process in an automated format, which saves client’s time and make it more convenient to book from anywhere at any time.

    3.    Focus on Business Goals:The best part is, you will not have to focus on service accessibility by your clients, rather can focus on “brand building, advertising, customer service, and determining opportunities”.

    4.    Economical & Time Effective: Hiring any technical solution always save your time and money. The reason being development of “Travel portal” is a complicate process and takes lengthy time. Second, the money invested to hire professional and build the complex solution, lowers the business growth. If you purchase the white label solution, it gives you enough time to focus on your core competency.

    Purchase “White Label Travel Portal” and give the direction of uniqueness to your brand…

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